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Friday, May 17, 2013

Mirror Images II (1993) - Shannon Whirry is Hot and Sexy

Hot Shannon Whirry Destroys Her Bad, Bad, Bad Sister

Box cover Mirror Images II 1993

Shannon Whirry is a screen legend in certain quarters. I know, you had probably never heard about her until someone mentioned "that bodacious girl from the '90s" or something like that. Trust me, though, she deserves to be remembered. After breaking through in the 1992 erotic thriller "Animal Instincts," directed by Greg Dark of porn fame, Shannon just reveled in her fame. The sleazy parts came fast and furious, and she filled each and every one of them quite nicely.
Shannon Whirry Mirror Images II
Shannon Whirry getting ready for action

The idea of two twins, one good and one evil, is as old as time. Yes, that's the whole idea of the title, they are "mirror images" of each other in all sorts of ways. The way that counts, though, is the physical way, because you just can't go wrong with two Shannon Whirry characters running around in lingerie - or not even that.

Mirror Images II box
VHS Back Cover

The opening scene of "Mirror Images II" is a must-view for every true connoisseur of sleaze. You know who you are. The "bad" Shannon is having sex with someone (no, you don't see everything, yes, it is so hot it doesn't matter). In walks the "good" Shannon. Guess what happens? No, not that. The guy runs out and the two girls don't get it on. Sorry. But they have a big fight.

Shannon Whirry Kristine Kelly Mirror Images II 1993
You see Doctor, my problem is... my, what nice eyes you have.

Cable was busting out in terms of popularity, and Shannon Whirry was just the girl to fill all those endless hours. She wouldn't do hard core, despite pleas from Gregory Dark of the "Dark Brothers," but she did everything but hard core. And thank the sex gods for that! Shannon was better looking than Misty Mundae, Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, Krista Allen, Rochelle Swanson, Delia Sheppard, Julian Wells and even Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. Yes, she was that good.

Sex scene Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon didn't get into ALL the sex scenes

Shannon has said in interviews that she would only do nudity if the script made the female character appear strong. Yeah, sure, Shannon. Whatever you say. This girl was ready to take off her bra at the drop of a hat.

Sara Suzanne Brown Mirror Images II 1993
Sara Suzanne Brown

This part was so good for Shannon that she did another "good twin/bad twin" soft core film a few years later, "Ringer." There's nothing wrong with that film, but "Mirror Images II" is better. How is it better? Well, for one thing, there are at least half a dozen quality sex scenes.

Shannon kissing Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon and her housekeeper's boyfriend

"Mirror Images II" (1993), directed by Gregory Dark for distributor Academy Entertainment, has a complex plot that isn't really important. All of these sexy erotic thrillers that followed "Basic Instinct" had crosses, double-crosses, double-double crosses, and double-double-double crosses. It gets painful trying to figure out who is crossing who at the moment.

Shannon Whirry signed photo
Signed photo, Velda in Mike Hammer

That said, Shannon Whirry actually is ok in the lead role as an actress. She gets to express a few emotions, and playing two different characters didn't strain her thespian talents too much.

Shannon Whirry Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon is great at looking perplexed, then taking her clothes off anyway

Shannon Whirry, by the way, was not in "Mirror Images I." Delia Sheppard, who had starred with Shannon in Shannon's breakthrough film "Animal Instincts," and Julie Strain were in that forgotten flick. There isn't any connection between the films aside from the presence of twins, so don't feel as if you are missing some glorious film by not turning over heaven and earth to find it. The same producer, Andrew Garroni, did both films (along with a lot of other sexy films), and he disappeared with the entire genre at the end of the decade. If you are looking for their best film collaboration, it was probably "Animal Instincts II" (1994). But "Mirror Images II" is right up there, and some would say that it is just as good if not better than "Animal Instincts II." It's kind of matter of choice as to what kind of sex scenes you prefer. As I said earlier, the opening scene of "Mirror Images II" is in a class by itself and is the best thing that Shannon Whirry ever did.

Caressing Shannon's foot Mirror Images II 1993
There is a lot of lesbian action in "Mirror Images II"

The plot of "Mirror Images II," if you must know, involves the two sisters fighting each other. They use the men around them to try to gain an advantage on each other. It gets confusing the further in you go because you get Shannon Whirry playing one twin who is trying to impersonate the other - or is she? It's easy to start getting confused, and Shannon Whirry is not quite the actress to pull off extreme subtlety. Either way, though, she looks terrific, and both sisters, good and bad, have their fair share of sex with men and women.

Shannon Whirry Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon looking in the mirror

There's kind of sub-plot about the "good" Shannon Whirry character having some kind of sexual issue. Does it really matter? It leads her to having sex, so it's all good.

Luca Bercovici Mirror Images II 1993
Luca Bercovici

The film is wall-to-wall sex scenes. A fine early scene is when Shannon seduces the boyfriend of her maid. The maid just so happens to be played by none other than Eva La Rue of "All My Children" and "CSI Miami" fame. She's only in the film for about a minute, it seems, and no, she does not disrobe in any way, shape or form. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere. Shannon's other female co-stars (Sara Suzanne Brown plays a prostitute who calls people "Sugar," Kristine Kelly has a truly awful role as a very naughty shrink, and porn actress P.J. Sparxx has an uncredited role doing a very tame girl-girl with Shannon), though, absolutely do get down and dirty. Of the male stars, Luca Bercovici doesn't really do much sex, but he is the acting star of the film. Tom Reilly, another regular in these erotic thriller films, plays a private eye, and Ken Steadman is present as well. None of the men shows anything naughty. They are there as a backdrop for Shannon Whirry and the other women, and the men do a fine job of staying out of the women's way.

Shannon Whirry on top Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon getting down to business

Shannon Whirry's career never really took off, which is a shame. Apparently, she does local theater now in Arizona, picking up bit film roles when someone is filming nearby. She had a decade of cellulois glory, though, and that's a lot more than most actresses.

Luca Bercovici Mirror Images II 1993
In fact, Luca looks worried a lot in this

If you are worried about "Mirror Images II" being too hardcore, given that the director was filming hard-core films such as "New Wave Hookers 3" at the time, be reassured that this shows no more actual sex than any other Cinemax film. There is simply more of it here, and "Mirror Images II" features Shannon Whirry in her absolute prime. That is what sets "Mirror Images II" apart.

Shannon Whirry Mirror Images II 1993
Shannon in a nice gown

There is a resolution to the whole twin-thing which you won't much care about. It has to do with their father and a fateful night. How dramatic! It leads to some bitchy scenes between the sisters which aren't all that bitchy.

Shannon Whirry at home Mirror Images II 1993
Just like an ordinary housewife

The two twins, in fact, don't turn out to be all that different after all. One gets the impression by the end that the only reason for the whole "twin" idea was to get Shannon Whirry into some black leather boots and a short black skirt. No, there's nothing wrong with that, we need more twin movies like this!

Shannon Whirry topless in bed Mirror Images II 1993
This is the bad Shannon, and she's been very bad

There also is a plot about conflict between Shannon Whirry's good-girl character and her husband. If you've seen enough of these erotic thrillers, you don't need to be told that her husband is a cop who has trouble expressing any feelings for Shannon Whirry. As if! That's always the deal with the main male character, he neglects the  luscious Shannon Whirry, so she just has to go find her pleasures elsehwere. After all, he forced her! Same story in all of these films. Another common failing of these erotic thrillers is that they tend to be dark (no, not as in "Gregory Dark," and not as in sad), as in not well-lit, and "Mirror Images II" unfortunately is no exception.

Shannon Whirry mouth open Mirror Images II 1993
Don't choke!  I'll save you!

To sum up, if you want a sleazy video of wall-to-wall sex, all featuring the ample charms of the best-looking erotic screen queen of the 1990s Shannon Whirry, "Mirror Images II" is well worth your time. Copies are always available on Ebay, that's where I picked up mine, though it's easier to get an old VHS copy than a DVD. Whichever you get, "Mirror Images II" will take a spot of honor on your movie shelf.


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